Shop AquaticSuppliers' Hi-Pro Cichlid Chow


This is an economical and reasonably priced high protein  feed  appropriate for many cichlid species and general tropical fish..  Pellet size  is 1.5 mm is also Ideal  for  Discus .



Fish meals, Fish oil, Algae, Corn starch, Wheat gluten, Lecithin, Yeast, Alfalfa meal,Vitamins,  and Minerals.


Protein  57%, lipids (oil) 15%, ash 10.5 %,fiber .2 %,phosphorus 1.5 %,calcium 2%,sodium .5 %


Comes in no frills  16 oz  Zip lock bag for  convenient feeding.


Suggestions for first feedings:

******Feed only AquaticSuppliers'  Hi-Pro Cichlid Chow for the first few days****** until your fish becomes used to it. Feed 2-3 times per day. It is not uncommon for a fish to refuse a new food when initially offered. Feed very sparing, a few pellets at a time, increase the amount as they become used to it.Never feed more than the fish will eat in a few minutes. . Do not overfed, its not healthy for your fish or the Fish tanks filtration. Be patient with your fish as you try and introduce this new food...some fish can be picky eaters!